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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
I hop in the truck this morning and listen to the exhaust leak that Im wating for the off season to fix. The cost will likley be 300$ to 400$.
So I get to the 2 houses that I service on Wednsday, pull the mower off the truck, all while looking at the soon to be bald tires and know the mower will need over 500$ worth of stuff to get another year out of her.
I then proceed to edge, I had to struggle to get the edger coupled onto the Stihl Kombi because its about worn out, get it hooked up but the pos kombi wont start.
So off to the Stihl Store and 380$ and over an hour later Im finally working.
Everything went smooth after that, then I get a call from my neighbor wanting to use my mini excavator so the feller he hired to cut his grass to replace me could put a new water main line in.

At least I do enyoy this business.
Sheesh man that's terrible! Beats wrenching anyday though!
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