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For mulch installs, most charge per yd. I've read threads in the past where some areas don't support the price per yd my area does. I started at $65yd & now charge $75yd for mulch/installed when I realized my area supports it. Price does not include prep. I get contractor pricing on mulch. The hardwood mulch I use use is abt $28yd regular price,my price is $20. So $75-$20=$55yd for installation. I'm solo so I wheel & spread mulch myself & can do 1yd an hour. Havin help you can do more cuz 1 can wheel mulch while the other spreads it. Don't forget to include other costs like delivery charge or your time & fuel if you pick mulch up. My supplier delivers for $40 (1-10yds). I pick up if 3yds or less, over 3yds i have it delivered.

Don't tell customer your price per yd, they flip! Estimate how many yds you'll need & give a price for the job. There is a formula out there for measuring SQ FT of beds to determine Yds of mulch needed if you are not good a guessing amount needed. Google it. I used it when i started, but don't subtract % for plants & shrubs like I did the first time i used it. If it looked like the plants took up 50% of bed, i only used 50% of the SQ FT to estimate, then realized i had to fill in thin spots in ground cover & through mulch under shrubs, etc. So I quit subtracting SQ FT for plants. If you need & can't find formula I still have PDF on laptop & can post it later this evening.

Hope this helps
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