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Small axe, He put his weed control and fertilization company on hold since last late last Fall. His soil seemed to be decent soil with even a little dark matter possibly. I'm not certain if he mowed during the peak of the drought, its possible i guess if the lawn was looking bad. I know he did not water at all though. I believe the lawn is Kentucky blue and fescue, maybe more fescue than blue though.

We end up aerating, power raking, overseeded, and apply a light fertilizer. Some of the areas came up in almost like a thick, dead, sod mat. I'm hoping that we dont have areas that the power raking didn't break up the matting and we will have bad seed to soil contact. Is it bad to seed with high P and K? He's watering the newly seeded areas daily, no germination quite yet.

What would you recommend doing at this point as far as any further renovation. Should we lightly topdress to cover the seed and give it a for sure small amount of seed to soil contact? Or just water the heck out of things for a bit and see what comes through?

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