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Sorry, nobody is going to reply to someone who sends blank's absoultely the worst thing you could have done!

Just kidding. I bought a Husky 323 earlier this summer, which is the same as the 223 except it has a solid shaft (with a lifetime warranty) instead of cable shaft (for $30 more). The 223, 323 and 326 are all very similar and are popular with pro landscapers due to their easy starting, light weight and good power. I really like mine! It does seem to get a little hot, but not to the point it's going to burn you. I rest my arm right on the top of it at times when trimming one handed and have yet to get burned, although I did get a little zap from the spark plug wire once. I have run it left handed as well and the heat wasn't a problem. My only real complaint is that I seem to go through a lot of string on it with all users. I'm not sure if that's because the bump spring is on the light side or because of wanting a little more string out or what. As far as the grip, I say just get used to it rather than replacing it or wear light weight gloves like I do.

I can't speak for the longevity of the units, but I'm very happy with mine...the main reasons being: it's really powerfull for how light it is, it starts easily, it's ready to work right away and, did I mention it's really light, lol.
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