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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The issue of the 'unsettled lawn' is a major reason to NOT till up old turf when putting ydown sod... not sure how the warm-season sods do, but up here, when you have mostly CG left in a lawn, it is no trouble to put the sod down on top of the dead groundup bodies of the CG or other weeds... of course the time to do it is the season when the high temperatures are consistantly in the 50s and lows are close to freezing...

before everyone goes on a rant, especially a warm-season grass people rant, let me say that this practice is not a normal practice, but there are circumstances that it make sense to do it and to be afraid of doing it is the sign of a novice... if indoubt ,aerate with multiple passes first, but many times , even that is an unnecessary expense...
By the time you punched 1000's of holes I make one pass with the cutter set shallow and angled. Fluffs up about an inch of soil. Rake off the debris and use the wide rakes to make it level. Rolling is also way underrated. I'm just really picky because sod is what all the neighbors see. Not the cheapest but I'm not lacking in sod jobs.
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