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Originally Posted by DiSantolandscaping View Post
simple formula is

length x width x depth divided by 324.


20 x 4 x 3= 240

240/324= .75 which is 3/4 of a yard.

in my area we charge by the yard but its basically the same as doing it all seperate.

take your price which mine is 25 per yrd
add 30 % to that which is 32.50 per yrd that you would charge them
then if you can do a yard an hour the x amount per hr per yard.

so if you get 30 per man hr and its going to take you an hour to do it. then you would take $30 + $32.50= 62.50 per yard. hope this helps you out.

Yours is simpler. What is the 324 you are dividing by. I'm sure it has to do with the depth basicaly being 3ft deep in ur example. But it still gets the same answer as my formula.

Formula I have is Length X Width divided by coverage depth from chart below

1yd will cover

1"-320 sq ft

Your 20' X 4' X 3"

20X4=80 sq ft
80/110=.72727272727272 (.75 yd)
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