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I have tested with a spark tester, not a in-line as your picture shows but one that just tests the wire, it mimics a plug, I set the gap and watch for spark. It seems to have a consistant spark, but thats just by the seat of my pants, it's far from a scope. I've talked to a couple of dealer mechanics (at different dealers) and say they really haven't had problems with this motor so at least they admitted they be in the dark also except one of them has the PC based software to diagnose the EFI system. And again I'm not convinced that it is fuel related. Just curious if anyone has had a short in the wiring harness that has cause a mis-fire but not a consistant mis-fire.
Yea, I get that due to the mis-fire the motor will run rich, and even probally worse due to the ECU via the O2 sensor thinking it needs more fuel cause something is'nt running right or something along that line. Anyway any ideas?
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