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Had to get this all dug up. This was a drag cause I had no previous knowledge of the system and with a large sweet gum tree about 15' away so I had to dig pretty aggressively to get thru the roots. So once I got going every root looked liked the conductor wire it was fairly stressful digging. And to boot there was irrigation trash around it so I didnt know if I was digging into the system...arggg

The reason for the break was a combo of a 2" root that grew under the valve and the valve cover box settling or even being installed tight to the pipe/valve. Im thinking a mower ran over the box on the regular and lead to the valve breaking right at the last part of the in sides thread (toro valve with male threaded ends).

The original valve was threaded right in the T off of the main. So for future serviceability I put a length of pipe between the main and the valve as well as after the valve.

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