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Originally Posted by Pressedun View Post
Yup they're not worth it in the long run man, I just dropped 2 recently because they were completely unreasonable. Get rid of them and your stress will go down!
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Yep. I just dropped 2 in the past few weeks also. I am at that point I will not deal with pitas under any conditions. First one I dropped had a huge back yard with a small gate. He told me he was getting a bigger gate installed so I could fit my Grandstand. He told me to wait a few more weeks, nope, he is gone, not pushmowing it again. The second one was an every other week account. The lady calls and said her nephew was visiting and mowed the grass, and to not come this week. Did not need to hear anymore, told her to find someone else. I am trying to drop all of my EOW anyway, though I will miss the 75$. I am simply too busy to service anything but weekly accounts, they are too hard to schedule. It has been a long season and my patience has run thin. I have been mowing since the third week in March and feel myself getting burned out.
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