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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
AS and K2SO4? Two things I seldom see in a fertilizer blended for Hawaii. Even though those two sources would be totally correct. Most landscape plants and turfgrass species are not halophytes. If someone applied that AS and K2SO4 blend evenly at no more than 2 lb per 1000 sq ft every 4 weeks, that is a good program. Much better than KCl and your coated urea du jour. I have to think about Cl. Clay holds on to Cl and there is significant salt in irrigation water.
At Twice the money of straight urea & KCL, AS and K2SO4 had better have a Great response. Yes this is a spoon feed blend that also means more labor. Add in a few minors and Some insecticide and you have my tank mix. Ratios of N to K etc change per season.

The point is in this case I wanted a faster response than Sulfur would give me. Sulfur lasts longer because it dissolved slowly. BTW because of our high pH, many homeowner will use a water can once a week filled 50/50 vinegar and water on their plants.


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