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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Aerating in the early Fall helps many lawns to get the water with the fertilizer down into the root zone for the time of the year those roots are growing the fastest... Based on this life fact of grass,,, you'll do well to aerate now...

Removing dead grass from the turf is an error,,, for cool-season turf... people improve their lawns by mulch mowing inches of maple leaves into the turf,,, how much better would the natural grasses themselves do as they decayed into the soil... de-thatching is nonsense as far as I can tell...
Ok so aerating is a go. That is good.
I have always mulched leaves and all grass so i know the benifit of that. But why then do people ever dethatch? i would assume taking out the dead grass in patches where no grass is growing would be the best thing. to allow water and fert and water to the roots and let them breath a little better. I am no expert on this so that is why i am researching and asking. Thank you
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