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My next question is : Should I remove the thatch so that I can put down the second half of the seed? I was told to put the seed on half the recoumded amount than when down put the second half on. So that is where I am now.

That is why I am not sure if I should remove the thatch now or wait till it rains which it is to do Sunday, so they say. By waiting for the rain the seed will get washed down into the soil if there is any in the thatch. I would be afraied of some being in it. At $1.95 a pound and I used 125 LB. of it. Yes it can get a little salty if you know what I mean.

So what would be the smart thing to do, remove it or keep it on and put the other half over it?

Or mow it up and than put it on after you have cut it up? All total I will have 225 pounds on it.

I would like to do it right.
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