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Originally Posted by JoJo1990 View Post
Actually Axe, 'dead grass clippings' do a horrible job of holding water. At best, they will reduce some wind speed at the soil surface. ...

... I've seen little thatch reduction when core aeration is used for the sole purpose of reducing thatch, although it does help to some degree.
Let's first define our terms in rlation to thatch... Dead grass clippings are the most common view of thatch that people have... and I agree,,, "Aeration" is pointless in reducing or enhancing that type of "Thatch"... I essentially just call it 'mulch'...

The "Thatch" that aeration was developed for,,, i.e. the aeration machines were manufactured to help deal with the other kind of "Thatch", which I commonly refer to as "Living Thatch"... this is the hydropobic water proof layer of living and dead roots and stems... a plugger is an excellent tool in dealing with this type of 'thatch'...

The mulch type thatch is nothing more than soggy hay or straw that covers the ground,,, much the same way the "straw" added after seeding is supposed to be... only the natural hay has been deteriorating all summer long and is improving your soil at the same time...

I've been thinking about getting pictures ready to load to this laptop and go through the process of overseeding in mulch thatch, on this forum,,, once the big weekend is over...

Are there still questions that you'd like to see addressed, when I post these pictures???
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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