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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Let me see if I got this straight...

You've already put down a significant amount of seed and you're wondering if you should rip up and remove the dead grass/clippings and remove it!!??
Nope. I never said that. Please re-read my post. The lawn is verticut/de-thatched w/o seeding, then thatch bagged, then seeded using the slit seeder.

jfoxtrot9, I didn't even get into the discussion on prevention with Axe. What he said in another post was that it was in 'error' to remove thatch. That is a very broad statement and simply is not true. Fescue lawns may produce a robust thatch layer on their own even under ideal conditions. Never de-thatching or measuring the thatch layer is not a good turf maintenance practice.
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