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Originally Posted by nhoj View Post
What I am asking is should I remove the thatch that the Spit Seeder brought up> Remember I seeded the lawn before I used the Spit Seeder and this brought up the thatch. My question is just how much seed is laying in that thatch? Should I rake it up not knowing how much seed is in it or will the seed fall down to the ground by itself? Or should I mow it with a Marching Mower than put the seed down? Or remove it after you mower it?

I agree with JoJo1990
Yes. You should de-thatch first. I take my slit seeder and go over the entire lawn once with NO seed. Then, I take my bagger and collect all of the thatch. Finally, add seed to your seeder and go over the lawn in two directions. The minimal thatch layer you pull up during the seeding passes can be left where it sits.

If you already put the seed down, it's too late. If you bag the thatch you'll also collect some amount of your seed. If the thatch is excessive, it would be best to bag it anyway, then seed again.
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