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That stuff is a rejuvenate it doesn't seal the surface it adds the oils back to the asphalt. You need to talk to a supplier to find out what you will need to do spray this material. I just had a gypsy spray this stuff over a job I did with a weed sprayer a few months back, He knocked on their door and asked about the driveway my customer mentioned my name and he said he was following up for me and sprayed over my job. She calls me and I said no not from me, told her to get his card and I will be there in 10 min. I caught him there with his helper and confronted him. I asked him how he got my name? He started stumbling his words and was going to charge her $460. I told her in front of him not to pay him he is a fraud and we will contact the state da. and report a non registered scamming contractor, I have your card and your tag #. So we did that and the da. is working on it and she also started a civil suit against him for damaged done to my job by spraying over it. Just saying around here guy's that spray that are considered a gypsy.
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