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So today was a cut and fill day. Final rental of the wet saw to get everything cut. The stairs are up but I still need to get sand under the pavers. I have them in the area because I needed to get everything cut today so thats why it looks like that on the top. Finished the walkway and just need to sweep in poly sand on the entire patio/walkway surface. Cutting takes much longer than you would think. The holes I needed to fill the walkway in were easy because it was basically just splitting the rectangle paver in half. But corners, curves, and angles just take time. Just some updated pics of the progress. For those wanting to dabble in hardscape my a simple 10x10 patio first. This was crazy for a first job. Lots of things to get done and for one person this was A LOT of work. Also this was my first experience with the tools to get the job done such as the compactor, wet saw, pavers, and other misc things. Lots of on the job learning. Wow the mistakes.....

Have a great labor day everyone.......if you get the holiday off.
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