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Big daddy b, I wasn't about to attempt my own random pattern on my first job but yes I hate that pattern now too. Just lends itself to not look good without A LOT of work. I will say this my brother laid the majority of the patio and walkway that is showing in the pics looking from the walkway up to the patio so blame him I think the edging is called Sure Foot. It's what they gave me. I was under the impression to not overlap on the steps or very little according to code but I agree it would look better with some overhang. They are not glued down yet so maybe I can give a little bit?

Again I know my aesthetic mistakes I made and am thankful to my brother as he doesn't care. I also have a better idea of the base prep, which again was the first time ever. Base is by far the most critical step. I''ve never laid a paver until this project remember.

Thanks everyone for the criticisms, tips, suggestions, and the limited compliments (keep them all coming). They all help make for a better second project should it come.
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