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Originally Posted by clemsonturf View Post


You people make a mountain of a mole hill here, until you see a big "R" on the front of the jug...I wouldn't be too concerned with it.
I just made a comment. How is that making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Here ya go.

Under the agreement, many uses, including use on residential lawns, will be canceled by the end of this year. For products used on cotton and products phased out after 2009, new use restrictions and mitigation measures will be added to increase protections to water resources. By mid-March, the registrants must submit voluntary cancellation requests for all uses, other than the use of MSMA on cotton. By the end of 2009, many existing uses will be phased out and canceled including use on residential lawns, forestry, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, and citrus orchards. Over the next 4 years, uses on golf courses, sod farms, and highway rights of way will be phased out, promoting transition to alternatives.
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