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Not sure if my advise is good advise but here is my experience with this. I am currently going through a sh storm with the irs. If you are not large enough to afford a company to do these things for you or hire someone in the office, you have got to get a program that does it for you. I use QB with payroll. It tells you exactly what you owe & all you have to do is click on a button and it creates checks for you. You have to be on the spot with this, its hard to do the field work & then come in & spend hours in the office on the computer & books. At least it was for me. To make it easier, get you electronic filing pin with the IRS. All you have to do then is login & do a payment online. All this being said, if you are large enough to have someone do this for you, that's exactly what you need to do. Not sure what your goal is for your company, but its a lot easier to focus on you growing you company with somebody else doing the back end stuff.
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