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I hope to make time to give some kind of comparison. I used Holganix by combining my second pre & postemerge with my spring fertilizer which was Holganix with urea and a product called stayN. Summer fertilizer was Holganix and some I did synthetic as a comparison. The late summer fertilizer was SumaGreen,some Holganix. We were in an extreme drought most of the year but most have irrigation.
I would like to offer more organic approach and so this year with lack of employees to combine Holganix or SumaGreen and urea with chemical spray (reduced at that) saved my year. I also combined Holganix to feed my shrubs combined with insecticide.
The general observation is the combined shrub treatment gave good results and saved time & labor. I can not say I am impressed with either Holganix or SumaGreen . One newly sodded yard stayed pale after two Holganix treatments until I put some Lesco granular and now it looks sweet.
Also,I had more Take All Patch this year then ever. We had not ever seen Take All until the drought in 2010 and 2012. One yard I experimented repeatedly with compost tea,Holganix,EM, and an array of organic products and it did little.
I can't say I am excited yet but it did help me get by this year so far.
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