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I have been solo for 3 years, I have had help here and there but never full time help. We grow 20% per year and 2013 i will be able to have help full time. I have 46 accounts that I do by myself, however if we get rain or an install job iam screwed on my maintenance, which is my bread and butter, at 40 to 50 customers one man can do in 5-6 days with a 48 and 36 mower, now we do everything,meaning prune, spray, edge and now at every stop. With 46 customers I have gotten into a rut, to busy to get more work, or quote installs, I have a 2 day wait to even quote new work, with help i should be able to do 10-14 accounts a day, giving me one day maybe 2 to quote or do installs.
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