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Originally Posted by jfoxtrot9 View Post
I'm with Smallaxe on this one. (although we disagree on aeration. I feel it should be done yearly for multiple reasons)

Per the Ohio State University Extension. (

... For many years, dethatching was recommended as a way to remove the thatch layer. This method physically removes the thatch and is most effective if the existing layer is less than 0.50 inch in depth. ... Even though a considerable volume of material is pulled to the surface, these attachments usually have little impact on the total quantity of plant debris in the thatch layer. Some damage to the desirable turfgrass should be anticipated with these attachments and, therefore, should only be used in the spring and/or fall during periods of favorable growing conditions.

The last option, which research has shown to be the best approach to thatch control, is core aerification. ... This soil addition to the thatch layer will improve the environment in this area resulting in increased microbial activity and thatch breakdown."
I kept part of the page, dealing with de-thatching... note that these guys say that it works on thatch under .5" in depth... please note also it is talking about thatch not dead grass that sits on the top of the soil...

Also,,, please note the use of the word "damage" in reference to the desireable turfgrass... other dot edu urls discuss this as being quite severe for little or no real benefit...
Afterall, 1/2 inch of living thatch is just fine so why dethatch at that depth,,, when the damage is there and aeration is the actual solution...

Professional LCOs should be able to reference this article and know in-depth what it is talking about,,, yet we still have so-called professionals discussing 'apples as oranges and vice-versa'...

Did anyone who read the article notice that dead grass was never once referred to as thatch???
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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