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Varying pricing by yard size

We are just getting starting here in Arkansas and the one point of argument I have consistently with my partner is how to price yards. We have pretty well landed on $35 for a 1/4 acre (or at least our size yard) but cant agree on what to price larger yards. I may be completely crazy but my thought is that the price per yard goes up with size and can get significantly higher if the yard is large.

So if a 1/4 acre is $35, what do you charge for a 2 acre lot? I just want to make sure we arent losing our rears when we work large lots.

I have seen tips to measure the yard and charge per square foot but that is a bit over the top in most cases I think.

I will have a lot more questions but have been trying to read through the great topics already posted first.

BTW, we plan to offer no less than a mow/blow/trim as the standard service.
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