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DVS, sorry cell phone pics and I'll be honest I took the patio ones from the best looking angles. The bond lines in areas are real bad and a little wavy in areas. But my brother actually laid a lot of those while I was cutting so I wasn't watching him. That's not a fish tale either, he was helping me and has no clue about the lines. So instead if stopping evey so often and looking he was having trouble enough following the pattern!!! I won't lie this patio is nothing I'd be showing pictures of to prospective clients although most wouldn't know any better. My biggest problem with this project was and still is time, i just dont have enough and need thus project done asap. Not the best thing to keep quality under control, hence using my brother to get stuff done. Also having zero experience doesn't work out well for a semi complicated first project. Working with specific grades (not just laying a patio behind a house on flat land), walkway & a patio construction, and stairs. Not enough brain know how for that many things quite yet. Worked, yes. Worked well, eh it's just ok.

Just out of curiosity if hardscapes are down are you just doing more landscaping??
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