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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
This doesn't debunk organics, but it does reinforce my question about: "What is the environment that we need for these microbes to flourish in???"

All he is saying is that,,, you can add whatever you want,,, but the microbes that thrive there are going to thrive until that environment changes...

The smart way to go is obviously to create the environment that 'beneficials' can thrive in...

Build It And They Will Come...

I believe a good topdressing is best but its an expensive sell to the customer. I purchased 2 gallons the other day and I'm going to experiment a little with it. Some shrubs and my own lawn and maybe my garden.

I started using a product called Screemin Green and I'm really liking it. 16-2-3. I wanted to try and build the soil on some of my lackluster accounts that can't afford a topdressing and would never go for it. My own lawn never looked better since using Screemin Green.

Coincidence? Possibly. I didn't think of it when I ordered the Sumagreen but does that stuff keep as long as you let it breath?

Maybe I should have waited but I wanted to spray around some newly planted landscape plants I put in my backyard. I wanted to give them a shot before winter sets in. I'm going to spray some and not spray some and see if there is a difference.

I do believe yo have to build the soil but I'm not sure these products can do that. The professor seems to believe they can't.

I don't have 1\10 of the knowledge about this stuff as some of you have. I'm just getting my feet toe at a time.

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