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Originally Posted by Lite4 View Post
Hmmm, that is troubling. I know the Wix flash sites are useless but I thought that would be remedied by using HTML5, guess not. What do I do, slip in some HTML code into the background so it's invisible on the site but google will pick it up?
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This is where the matter of "What is HTML5?" comes into play. An HTML5 document can be anything that adheres to the spec, which Wix is doing, but it uses javascript to insert all of their content. Is that HTML5 compatible? Sure. As implemented, is it SEO friendly? In a word, no. Greg's link shows you that their implementation really is no different than their Flash sites. Best implemented, an html5 compliant site's code can, and should, look like an HTML 4 site, albeit with the changes to the tags that 5 brings.
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