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Seems like we should also be distinguishing between the thatch layer, and the top of the root/soil zone. I encounter problems with the latter quite frequently on lawns that have been previously sodded and then died. This layer of dead sod has a lot of lignin, so it is not going to break down biologically. I rarely remove it entirely, but I find I have to chop it up/core aerate it pretty good. Otherwise, the seed has a hard time penetrating it with the new root, and once it germinates it just sits on top, and eventually dies. This dead root zone is not like the slimy/rubbery living thatch layer, that I often find in conjunction with fungus problems. Is the better advice simply to remove the dead sod, or should I just break as I have been doing. I have to confess, I have had problems and success with both methods, but I'm not sure I have figured out the pattern. The state Ag sites I have consulted are more often talking about the thatch layer, which can be successfully dealt with via aeration/slit seeding. What to do with the root zone is less clear to me.
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