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When I sponsored this site, I was able to say a lot more about products. There were a few who constantly questioned my input as biased because of my business. I chose to drop my sponsorship rather than to have my ethics questioned.

I base what I believe on real world results. University studies help to provide guidelines but I do not view them as sacred. Dr Zubarer's presentation was interesting and I agree with a lot of what he said. Microbes are ubiquitous on this planet, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides don't sterilize the soil, there are many snake oils being sold. I do not agree with the conclusions he has drawn. I showed Dr. Zubarer's video to several LCO's & landscapers. A common response was, Bring him to my properties and tell me it's hogwash!

I have listened to and spoken with a fair number of other microbiologists who have come to different conclusions ranging from microbes can be used to solve everything, to microbes are known to have several beneficial uses, to microbes have a possible uses that need to be studied more. I have learned something from all of them.

What I value most is how well does a product or procedure perform in the field for the professional. For the past 7 years I have gradually changed my perspective on a lot of things, including but not limited to soil health and how it effects plant health. I have learned to look beyond how we grow grass and include the impact of what we do into the overall equations.

I know that it is just as easy to professionally maintain beautiful healthy lawns with less health and environmental concerns (whether they are true or conceived) as it is to maintain green lawns the conventional way. This is being accomplished by more and more companies every year. Programs that focus on sound cultural methods and improve soil health no longer cost more than conventional programs. A good program need not be either chemical or organic. Improve plant health and you will have less need for pesticides. Using pesticides properly, yet infrequently. will not eliminate the benefits of an organic system. There are no silver bullets.
Barry Draycott

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
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