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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
Add organic matter, known beneficial microbes and irrigate properly. The organic matter & water provide the raw materials beneficials need. The beneficials will take an active role in improving their environment. As they increase their numbers they will compete better against the pathogens and recycle more nutrients. It's not magic, it's a process.
Thank you for your feedback as I was hoping you would reply.

Do you think it is possible to build the organics in the soil of poor soil lawns with the application of products like Sumagreen and Screemin Green? So far I'm really happy with the results of Screemin Green.

I have some customers that would not topdress because of the cost associated with topdressing and most are just happy not to have weeds. But I want their lawn to be the nicest it can be. I deal mostly with Bermuda and some Zoysia and a little Fescue for good measure but 90% of the lawns are Bermuda.

I have some really good lawns with high organic matter and I have some that I just took on that have very little organic matter. I used Screemin Green on some of my customers lawns and on my own. The ones with good organics showed a really great response, including my own.

Not that they looked bad before, but they really have a nice deep dark green and even my own lawn looks healthier. I even had my neighbors compliment my lawn, and other LCO's that I'm friends with. I also noticed that the Bermuda after I cut it doesn't get browned out and stays a nice dark green. It seems to recover fast and is growing better than ever. Those who deal with Bermuda know what I'm talking about.

I have turned around some ugly lawns that were half weeds and half Bermuda with a lot of bare spots with a conventional treatment plan and aeration. I was hoping to be able to build the soil slowly but faster than just mulching the lawn and my conventional treatments.

Ive heard some say the the use of products like Sumagreen would soften the soil and reduce compaction, which is a severe problem where I'm at. Even when you aerate. I like the idea of building the soil but in most cases topdressing is not going to happen.

I didn't tell my customers that I was applying anything different, it was basically an experiment for my own sake.

I think organics are going to be more widely used and I don't want to be left behind. But I also do not have money to waste. I appreciate your feed back Phasthound and others like Skipster, Kiril, Smallaxe and others as I respect your opinions and knowledge. You guys are way ahead of me.

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