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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I was referring to the the point that the video made about adding 2 different comunittees of microbes to the same soil and ending up with one comunittee of microbes at the end of the day...

Lesson is: that microbes don't change the soil, but rather the soil determines which microbes will grow there...

the other example of the same lesson is one communittee of microbes in 2 different soils and ending up with 2 different comunittees of microbes, when all is said and done...

My comment about that point in the video was in direct response to the "Debunk Organics" comment in the hopes that the level of discussion would be elevated beyond, "... not magic."
My comment on Debunk Organics was referring to beyond adding a good topdressing mix....the other stuff is just a waste of money. No benefit. According to the good doctor. I know adding Organics is beneficial and is the best course of action..but what if that is not possible due to customer resistance due to cost?

Aeration, water, a good organic base is essential. But if topdressing is not possible can you achieve better results with products like Sumagreen and Screemin Green over traditional fert programs?

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