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Dixie Chopper and bagging help...

Ok, I was at my local fair getting some prices and opinions on some mowers. I have a question. I was very impressed with my Dixie Chopper dealer and his support. But when I asked him about bagging he said he doesn't sell one (just chop em up he said lol) for the Dixie but I had to buy one factory direct. I love the Humbolt bagger I have one and think it is by far the best bagger out there. The Toro and eXmark baggers don't do very good in leaves at all. The humbolt is like a Kirby on carpet. To my question, I want to get some feedback on the the cut quality with the Dixie and bagging combination. I bag most of my season, spring and fall. I take them off for a short time in the summer because its pointless for me to bag. I live in NE Ohio by the only an hour from the lake and I get pretty wet conditions. So I want to see how many of you regularly bag with a Dixie and how it does specifically with a Humbolt bagger. Any help is appreciated.
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