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Well lets see, I can read and write and have been working on and had my own shop since I was 12 so 36 years of experience and if you are referring to the test like they have to tell you that an FH721d aso* are all the same and have the same size piston on a 23 25 500 so the crank is steel and if an aluminum rod leaves trash on the crank, clean it off replace the rods and check the crank to see if it is within reason and knock the bushings out of both sides of the block and replace them very carefully replace the seals and all gaskets. Hone the block to see if it cleans up and if it doesnt ... bore it. put new rings with new pistons if you bore it. if you dont check your pistons to make sure they are not gualded and since the oil leak on these engines cause the cooling fins to clog and heat the cylinders and the heads. then they drop valves and snatch out the valve guides. and i have a pipe that i keep all the bushings the I replace in these engines .. and I save a few other peices I save to show these guys what happens to thier engines.. Did not know about the PLANET CERTIFICATIONS, That being said I am not qualified or certified to work on Planet engines. But if you tell me where to go to get PLANET CERTS, I'll do it. Ohh and one more thing, I'm not a tech, i'm a TECK and have been since 1997 LOL as in TeckJohn

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