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Originally Posted by locke_thekey View Post
Haha, I was trying to keep it to myself but my wife is my partner. I am actually the bookkeeper and she is going to be the one out in the field so to speak since I have a job that we can't afford for me to leave.

We'll figure it out but I won't feel comfortable until we do.
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Originally Posted by locke_thekey View Post
Thanks for the feedback. My partner doesn't want to charge $35 for 2 acres but is convinced $150 is too much. They think never more than $100 or at least that is what I think I heard. I guess we need to call local companies to get quotes on some different sized yards in order to find out what our market supports.
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LOL, well you are kinda SOL on dumping the partner then.
At the least its not going to be easy.

As for the pricing if you can't make $100 for 2 acres work time/labor wise then you'll have to raise the rates.
Granted none of my residentials are any where near that high but if the lot warranted the price then thats what they'd pay or find some one else.
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