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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
Does it work good? That is Goggle Ad Words? I am already 1-3 on the 1st page for aeration in Rockford, IL. I am going to change my website to include the names of local cities near Rockford, so then I think I will be good with them also.

So I guess I'm not really sure what I will gain from Google Ad Words? Has anyone be sold as this is a good way to advertise through Google?
It's a great way to advertise, but like everything else, it comes down to the execution. Since you rank well for Rockford, you could try Adwords targeting other services you may want to grow, or target those towns that you don't currently rank for, but will be trying to. The best thing with Adwords is how well you can laser-target the customers you want via geo location.
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