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I am trying it....I know, I know even after my previous posts....

One of my sales reps jumped ship and after speaking with him and meeting with one of the owner of Holganix. I get a better perspective on the product and saw first hand what the issues were with the initial exposure I had with the product were.

I dont have pics, but I could give you pics of lawns that are perfect and lawns that are a mess, both on the same program. As I am sure most of you could as well....

I want to get thru the whole season before I start commenting on the pros and cons etc....

But I have over 200 houses that have holganix being used on them, that being said, I am mixing it with N, started the year with urea, but switched to a liquid slow release this round, I hate having a 200 gallon tank full of mixed fert and I got tired of melting the urea, I like to mix on the on the fly. It gives me more flexibity when I get to each stop. I am also using my regular weed controls, but at their recommended reduced rates, but spot treating out of hand sprayers as much as I can.

I will report back when I am comfortable with what I have/have not seen. I have formed some opinions already....

Hopefully I am not the only one out there trying it.
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