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Originally Posted by Dintlow View Post
Subseven, I think you are learning the hard way why most of us buy real sealcoating rigs with agitation and pumps capable of pumping sand.

I've built 7 or 8 money makers. All Steel. Nice hatch. Full hydraulic agitation. Weldon M8 pumps. Hand agitation. Trash Pumps. You name it. I just wanted to try this system for easy portability for the small stuff. For this go in the back of a ranger with the new 125 gallon tank we bought specifically for this project.

I'm reverting back to a new 2" trash pump. One 2" ball valve and 2" hose off the tank to pump, then a 2" tee with a 3/4" going to the hose reel and a 2" ball valve and hose going to top of tank for recirculation. This is a basic setup that works and that small tank will not look hideous like those 275 gallon tote tanks.

I can lay it down next to one of my other rigs and you aren't going to notice the difference between them or one of my buddies' Neal or Equip rigs. Only difference is...trash pumps get replaced once a year.

Here are a couple I built...

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