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1. Beg the owners to let you put in some eye hooks and run guy wire across the bottom when needed. It will save them a ton of money. You'll use proper brick anchors..etc. You can even get anchors that are close to the brick color.
Same for over the awnings and the top. Basically you want to outline the building with wire, then run your lights through them. Easy, fast, and looks great because you can't see any of the hardware holding the lights on the building.

2. If ! doesn't work. I'd get some buckets, fill them full of concrete and put a pole in the center. The anchor your guy wire to that. It's going to be a little ugly, but it will hold. You are going to have to find a way to attach the wire to the awnings. Top is prolly a little easier because you can anchor these to the roof in a number of different ways.

I'm afraid your PVC idea won't work because you have to keep them from rolling around.
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