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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Arecas are Cheap ,fast and easy. I can Buy 4 ft OA Arecas for peanuts and have totally privacy in the first season. South Florida We don't freeze so I am out of my elements North of a Line from Palm Beach to Brownsville Texas.

Yep South Florida is easy when it comes to Privacy plantings. Fact is our year round growing season give more Privacy than the customer wanted. Ultra High Density planting is actually practiced more by Mistake than design. I am a strong believer in LESS IS MORE when it comes to Landscape design.

Speaking of UHD I do like a trellis or topiary of vining plants like Mandeville, Brown Bud Allamanda. Bougainvillea and Wisteria etc. Each has a different Texture and slightly different color. Of course the flowers are totally different. Newer Fiberglas Trellis hold up 3 time as long as the old wood ones and can out last the design life.

I also agree with less is more. Great point. So many landscapes here are overplanted and look like a jungle after 6 months.
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