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Originally Posted by rowdyz92 View Post
Hi, im looking into buying a 48 - 54 zero turn, leaf vacuum, weed eaters, edgers, blowers etc. My question is since I live in central virginia and there are 2-3 months of cold weather and no lawn mowing how does one keep a steady income during those months? Do most guys just survive getting up leaves or snow blowing driveways? I dont wanna jump into commercial mowing and then realize I cant make any money in the winter.
Most of us do Snow removal in the winter. The only problem with snow is that you cant rely on it to snow on a regular basis unless youre an eskimo lol. Unfortunately for you it doesnt snow that much in VA. Some of us will do christmas decorations, and as seen above, some will do handyman stuff. Best thing i think to do is price and budget everything during the growing/ leaf clean up season the best you can to have a little extra padding for the offseason.
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