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Jobber Software!!

I have been using Jobber Software this season and I absolutely love it! It has everything that you guys have mentioned on this thread and much more! It has to be the most powerful billing and scheduling software out there and yet it is also the easiest online software I have ever used. You can't usually say powerful and easy in the same sentence when talking about software but with Jobber you can! The base price is $29.00 per month and you get alot for that money! Then you can purchase add-ons that cost anwhere from free to $5 per month. I can tell you that I am paying $34.00 per month! That's the cost of ONE mowing service for your smallest property you manage! That includes all my add-ons! Jobber integrates with both quickbooks online and desktop for free. There is a Chemical tracking add-on that will allow you to track fertilizer apps for your records. In regards to the weather rescheduling, in Jobber, you can easily reschedule jobs and you can add a note in the notes section for each visit. Plus, since Jobber is mobile friendly, you can do everything from your smartphone or tablet.

They are adding new features and improvements on almost a daily basis. This isn't some guy making a software system in his basement during weeknights. They are constantly working on it! Their support is great, you can call them up and they'll chat with you until the issue is fixed.

Jobber has a free trial, that doesn't require a credit card. Give it a try and you'll be hooked!
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