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thanks. Riggle thanks for the input. i'm just a beginner so have more questions than answers. the reason i came up with the strategy was based a lot on a few studies noting the foliar uptake percentages and it looks like it does very favorably relative to granular. the uptake is very rapid e.g., most of the uptake happens within the first hour. i could not however find a recent study on perennial ryegrass but multiple on other grasses (i note recent as the literature seems to indicate that chelates have a lot to do with uptake so older studies may not control for this).

not sure if i can post links but here is a good summary of the studies that are out there
note on pages 11-13 that the uptake of N is in the 80-95% range across the studies - again not ryegrass so could differ but looks promising.

again thanks for the advice. based on one of the studies it looks like the way to go may be to split the total fertilizer across granular and liquid so i may end up there.
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