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Originally Posted by noahb195 View Post
We've tried countless times to go out there and kill a few but they are really smart. Within the past 2 years DNR has brought in whats called a red timberwolf
They are just as bad or not worse than coyotes. A lot bigger also. What could they have thinking do this crap.
We had red timber wolves they got shot
Around here we run dogs alot its a hobby use to make good money still do on bobcats
Now I enjoy calling them up Bobcats and Coyotes Foxs even badgers I use all hand made calls more enjoyment
Shoot them 200-300 yrds away but there days and wind is right I'll call them up with in 30-40 yrds shoot them with shot gun

We have Cattle Ranch so have to keep the Coyotes thin

Hope you find somebody take you hunting once you do it you will be hook for life
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