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Originally Posted by Buddha92SLC View Post
I am strongly considering purchasing my first full size zero turn. I've always been a Gravely guy. My first mower was an old 36 inch belt driven walk behind from the 1980's. I then purchased a 148XDZ about 5-6 years ago and love the QOC with the X-Factor deck and the build quality of the unit.

My accounts are increasing and I'm finding that I could fit a bigger mower into some of my properties and have been giving estimates on larger properties recently.

Fast forward... I tend to visit the site frequently, but I don't log in or post much. I just read the posts. I found multiple positive reviews and now you guys have got my gears cranking about this mower. I went to the Gravely dealer I've always dealt with and he put me in contact with a Gravely rep so schedule a demo for the morning. I can't beleive the ride quality of this thing. I felt like I was sitting in a Cadillac. I was hooked and wanted to buy one on the first yard. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the guys on here that reviewed the mower it really helped in the decision process.

Question #1Since I have always dealt with this local dealer I would like to keep giving him my business, but his numbers seem a tad high to me.

Gravely 460 w/29HP Kohler EFI $9481
Bagger $1903
Bagger Installation $150
Light Kit $125
Striper $78

Tax $695
Financing Fee $125

Grand total $12,432. 22
He told me that the Light kit and striper don't qualify for the discount because they are accessories, but he is willing to install them for free.

I think he can come down a bit on the prices. What do you all think?

Question #2I currently have a bagging system on my 148XDZ. I bag one day out of the week then just side discharge. I'm thinking about also adding on the Gravely OCDC but will I have to remove it to install the vacuum for the bagging system?

Question #3Is the Gravely OCDC worth the money ($209) or should I just purchase an aftermarket OCDC?

Thanks guys! Keep up with the great reviews and pictures. Maybe I'll be adding to the post in a few weeks
Dollars look close to me.

Gravely as a company has been awesome. They have worked with me more than any other company (other than maybe LT Rich) to fine tune and try different things to make it perform.

DEMO the mower. I like mine pretty good. QOC is not good though in my type of grass. Tried everything. Different blades, baffles, pitch, even another mower. Not giving up though still working with it.

DO NOT buy the OCDC IMO. Took mine back.

The OCDC does install and remove fast so that wouldn't keep me from doing either. The OCDC is hard to use and jambs with grass. I ended up with a Power Chute. Going through motors on it but it does work pretty slick.
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