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Originally Posted by luxurylawnsbyJB View Post
I had 25 gallons stollen from my rack in my garage a few years ago and I thought about doing the same thing, putting a mixture of gasoline and chlorine. When telling this to the officer, he said that that would be illegal, "booby-trapping" or intentionally setting something up to do harm to a vehicle. And I could be liable for damages.. WTF!
But they can come and get what they want and there is nothing to do but let them take it.... I did it anyway and the kid down the block started walking 4 days later.. When I saw him pass by the house, I asked him what happened, he told me that his engine rusted from the inside out. I did a little happy dance, as I told him that I never heard of such a thing.
Wonder if the kid thought..."Was something in 1 of those cans other than gas". If not, he prob didn't learn his lesson. Sure is nice you F'ed his ride up! Lol!
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