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Smoothing Out Rough Spots in Lawn

What do you do to smooth out rough areas in a lawn? I have a few places in my lawn that are pretty rough, ie footprints etc. from the cable company running cable when it was muddy, me watering the lawn after it was seeded etc. and I would like to smooth those out. I don't have a lawn tractor that I could use to pull a roller. My plan is to just throw down some topsoil, rake it smooth and throw down some seed.

I've also got places around my deck supports where the dirt my landscaper used to fill the holes has sunk, and they need more dirt seed etc.

It may seem like a stupid question, but I'm just curious what you guys normally do to address these types of issues.

Is Turf Builder decent topsoil? I bought extra topsoil when my lawn was put in last, but based upon the amount of gravel that appears to be my yard, I'm not sure it was the highest quality dirt. I'm not sure I want to get my dirt from the same place my landscaper used, and I was just curious about Scott's product. I've heard good and bad. Any suggestions on the best places to get quality soil?
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