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Some questions from SW FL

Hello, I've been reading thru all of the threads here for a couple months now. Finally decided to post up some questions I couldn't really find answers for yet.
Thanks in advance to everyone that responds.

First of all, my dad is getting out of lawns and I am taking over all of his. I used to do this with him, but after I went to college, I never really was anymore. Hes been established for almost 30 years has a decent number of accounts. Mostly all in the retirement communities in our area.

My first question is: For the "roundup" license, which of these 2 exams should I take. Or for the yards Ill be doing should I go ahead and take both of them. I've tried figuring out which one is best for me. But I cant really find a definitive answer.

Next question (for now) is: Are there any other licenses I should look into. Or even any good books anyone can recommend.

Thanks again.
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