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Originally Posted by jato4x4 View Post
Hello, I've been reading thru all of the threads here for a couple months now. Finally decided to post up some questions I couldn't really find answers for yet.
Thanks in advance to everyone that responds.

First of all, my dad is getting out of lawns and I am taking over all of his. I used to do this with him, but after I went to college, I never really was anymore. Hes been established for almost 30 years has a decent number of accounts. Mostly all in the retirement communities in our area.

My first question is: For the "roundup" license, which of these 2 exams should I take. Or for the yards Ill be doing should I go ahead and take both of them. I've tried figuring out which one is best for me. But I cant really find a definitive answer.

Next question (for now) is: Are there any other licenses I should look into. Or even any good books anyone can recommend.

Thanks again.
Contact the Lee County Extension service 239 533 4327 on Palm Beach Blvd at Terry Ball Park. They can provide you with all the Training Material, Classroom and Testing for your Limited Pesticide License. Steve Brown is the Horticulture Extension agent and excellent teacher. Lee County has one of the best Extension Offices in the state, Take advantage of it. I don't live in Lee County but will travel to their seminars because they give good ones.

You need to take a 8 hour class which includes two hours for testing. You will need to pass two tests. One is callede CORE and is about safety only. The Other is about Ornament Pest control. Once you have passed these test you need a proof of Insurance. Dan Wall Insurance in Ft Myers is who I used to use. If Lee County doesn't have a class scheduled soon enough, contact surrounding counties for a class.

Other state Licenses Might be an Aquatic Pesticide License to add on Retention Pond Weed Control. Also look into the Irrigation License requirements, They Vary County to County. I believe Lee County has a above ground limited Irrigation license that allows you to adjust and replace Sprinklers. Which is 80% of irrigation service calls.

Second Generation business normally do quite well. Good Luck.


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