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I was kind of in the same boat a month or two ago. what I am doing to finish out the year is the following.

went from 6-7 guys down to 3 guys plus a part time guy. some of the commercial grass has slown down enough to only need mowing every other week since we have been in a drought. thus we went from 3 guys 5 days cutting to 2.5 guys 4 days. My 3rd guy is a good landscape forman, he has been doing some cutting with the other 2, and he has ben doing some work by himself, and sometimes depending on the project we get a temp guy to help. it has made managing alot easier, and thus I can monitor the productivity alot closer. We actually seem to be getting almost the same amount of income per week, with just way less exspense. Most of the temp guys have experiance, nice thing is I dont pay for their travel, no shop time, and in a way they tend to work harder than others since they want me to "like them" and to call them back for more work, or employe them.
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