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Originally Posted by Lawn132012 View Post
" Originally Posted by NattyLawn View Post
Sumagreen won't build organic matter. Screamin Green will, albeit very slowly. That's more of a organic based product, as it contains more N and less OM than other ferts offered in the NP line. If you have some lawns with very low organic matter, try the 6-2-4 at 12-15lbs per k or 4-3-1 at 20lbs per k."

Not sure where you get your info from but SumaGreen does build up OM in the soil.
I was just writing to say after the rainfall these past few days after another treatment of SumaGreen my lawns are 'BANGIN'. The difference in one week is crazy. I have a few clients that do not water their lawns so I think that had something to do with it also but several people mention to me that this was the best their lawn looked at the end of a dry summer.

I wish I had taken before pics on the rough looking lawns. I will be doing a few new seed lawns soon so I am interested to see it work on them too
I'm not sayin Sumagreen won't get your lawns "Bangin", but why don't you tell me how a liquid application builds OM?
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